There is a strong correlation between earning potential and school attainment. School
attainment doesn’t necessarily mean college but rather some sort of trade or technical
training, skill development that increases a person’s specialization and increases their
ability to secure livable wages. When people are able to find decent jobs, provide for
their families and save for the future, they and their children are more likely to enjoy
healthy lives and succeed in school. Everyone benefits, because financially stable
individuals and families lead to a more competitive workforce and a stronger

To Increase financial stability efforts , United Way of Pinal County Has A Goal To Raise $75,000

WHAT MAKES THE PROBLEM WORSE? 1 in 3 working Americans is not earning
enough to maintain basic cost of living expenses, 1 in 4 Arizonan’s is on AHCCS and
76% of families in Pinal County are living paycheck to paycheck. These numbers are
driven partly by the fact that high school graduation rates average about 75% in Pinal
County, Those struggling most to break the poverty cycle often times can’t pay for GED
classes, which can be expensive and time consuming. Even if a person can afford to
take the class, daycare and work schedules make studying so much harder. The
testing fees can also sometimes create hardships.
Without a high school diploma there is no hope of obtaining either a college degree or
even obtaining a trade certificate. This continues to feed the cycle of poverty. In order
to keep up with the STEM driven market place individuals that are lacking a GED, and
some form of secondary education, will fall even farther behind as workplaces
increasingly require higher skilled workers.
Can you make it one full month on a small/ minimal wage?  Find out with this simulation:
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Education and financial education can transform any life, no matter how big the
economic roadblocks may seem. Each step an individual takes carries them toward
financial independence. A checking account creates ease of paying vital monthly bills.
Building savings enables families to respond to emergencies. Developing a spending
plan builds confidence and credit. And, a career path stabilizes finances for the longterm
and lights the path out of poverty.