Casa Grande, AZ (July 12, 2016) Manuela Bowler, Executive Director, announced today that their team will be going to
a four 10-hour schedule starting immediately as a cost saving measure. The new hours of office operations will be
Monday -Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The United Way of Pinal County’s (UWPC) offices are located at 402 E. 10 th
Street in Casa Grande, Arizona.
Most of the impact work the United Way of Pinal County does is to create powerful grassroots partnerships that address
homelessness and financial stability as well as the cradle to career readiness pipeline. These efforts are done through
collaboration and coordination with government and community faith -based, business and nonprofit partners. The
UWPC does not provide direct services.
The United Way of Pinal County can be reached at or also 520-836- 0736.
About United Way of Pinal County
The United Way of Pinal County is a nonprofit organization that brings people and communities together to advance the
common good through services that improve lives. The organization partners with local nonprofits, businesses, and
government and social service agencies, to address the communities’ most pressing needs. The mission statement is
“United Way of Pinal County matches generosity with community needs to promote lasting change in people’s lives”
Manuela Rehm-Bowler
United Way of Pinal County
520-252- 9987
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