Cents4Change is a program that was started in Mid 2016 and Launched October 2016 in Apache Junction, AZ. We are piloting the program currently with a few local businesses. The goal of Cents4Change is a simple round up campaign. 
When you are out shopping at a local small business not only are you supporting that local business and their family. You will now have the option to round up your transaction to the nearest Dollar amount. That rounded up change will then come back to UWPC. Once a quarter we will ask our local non profits and partner agencies to submit a grant application, so they can receive funds to address their local areas of concern.
The wonderful thing about Cents4Change is that you as a local resident shop at a local business and support them, In turn by your rounded up change you can support a local agency who is helping support our local community members. The best way to think of Cents4Change is you're recycling your spare change back into the community.
Keep an eye out for a partner businesses as we expand our program. Any business is qualified to partner with Cents4Change. If you are interested, or know a business who might be interested, please contact:

Braden Biggs

Business Outreach/ Community Impact

Cell: 520-302-4682

Email: Braden.biggs@unitedwayofpc.org